Just Say Thank You

I read an article once that talked about the huge impact public praise from a spouse about their “other half” had on contributing to the healthiness of their marriage. Simply put, knowing they wanted “the world” to know how much they valued and loved their spouse made their husband or wife feel like a million bucks!

Don’t we all walk a little taller when we know are loved, valued and appreciated? I will often post my encouragement on a public social media site even when I could text it to people in my life because I want everyone to know, especially in the life of my church, that we are paying attention and we see those that go the extra mile, those who walk in integrity, or say that we see, and are paying attention to, them do what they were simply doing for an audience of One. Why? Because our words truly DO make a difference! I sit across from people often who point back to very cutting words, negative words or condemning words spoken over them…words that have been said YEARS ago…yet we remember them like it was yesterday. We withhold words of praise often because we are just plain SELFISH. No one praises the work we do, so why should I say something nice that THEY do? We would never admit we do this, but face it, we do!

It’s time to stop playing games with the words we say, and with the words we don’t say! If every name is important and every name matters, then we don’t sit back and wait for that to happen. We make every name known and we make every name matter.

Who is making an impact on your life? Have you told them. I challenge you today to not ASSUME. Tell them. Don’t wait. Text them, call them, post it on their wall, send them a REAL note in the mail. Trying is action. Sitting around and waiting never changes lives. It may be as simple today as uttering two words that make a BIG difference – “THANK YOU”!


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