“But I don’t have the right words to say.” “I don’t speak well.” “I’m not smart enough.”
I’ve said those words, and you’ve probably said them, too. We want to tell others how Christ has changed our lives, but often words fail us. We’ve been around other Christ-followers who have Christian lingo down pat. They use big words. They speak so eloquently. Their words make the Christian life sound like one big ‘ole love fest. But the truth is, we don’t always feel like it’s a love fest. Sometimes it’s hard, but so few will talk about it. It’s as if the Christian life has become a “put on a happy face” all the time, “don’t let ’em see you down” kind of life. We cheer on “let’s be real,” but are we really? Being exactly who we are demands we remove the mask. It means we decide everyday to be exactly who He’s made us to be. It means we answer the question, “How are you” with honesty, because really, we’re not always OK. Sometimes we really need to say, “I’m not OK” and allow other’s to be the lifters of our arms.

It’s OK to not get this life thing right everytime. Don’t we all need to be reminded of our need for a Savior? We need a lot less flowery talk and a lot more of we don’t have this whole thing figured out, but we can all figure it out together. So, we forge ahead and set our eyes on the One who has it in the palm of His hand. He’s our best example. Even Jesus, Himself, was stressed. Even Jesus wept. Even Jesus became frustrated. He showed us how to get it right. He showed us how to be real. He showed us what we strive for. He showed us – NEVER GIVE UP.

Christ-follower, stop trying to convince the world we stop our need for a Savior – that somehow we’ve arrived. We will never stop needing Him! Maybe the step you need to take today is to admit you don’t have it figured out, but you will run straight to the One who does! Maybe you need to just start telling your story. No one else can tell how Christ has changed you, but YOU!


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