Today, meet my oldest daughter, McKenna.  We are probably most alike out of all of my girls. She shares similar interests in writing, and I think that’s how we most connect.  We were both very shy kids and we found writing to be an escape and expression for us.  She is a beautiful person inside and out, and she reflects that beauty in the honesty of her words.  In a world that many want to just fluff up stories and make everything nice all the time, I appreciate that McKenna writes from a vulnerable and real place.  When I read her writing, I often feel as if I’m sitting face to face with her having a conversation.  Today, I am thankful for how she ends this Week of Gratitude with a post that points it all back to the Reason we can always be thankful.

My definition of gratitude or thankfulness has always been not really about the giving part but the getting part. That’s the thing that you always look forward to, the getting. You give in expectancy of something in return instead of giving in expectancy of a full heart. Giving a little to get a little. I think I began to be able to appreciate friendship & family more when I understood that the joy you can put into someone’s heart by pouring Jesus into them and by serving them is easily dominant over the joy that you get when you get something from them.

Thankfulness is selflessness.

You are able to be thankful when you can put yourself aside. This may be a silly difference to notice but as I was shopping for Christmas gifts this year versus last year I have felt more joy. Last year I dreaded dropping all the money that I felt like I had worked so hard to earn. This year I have been so excited to buy everything that I possibly can for my family and friends. I have been more worried about making a Christmas list for them than myself.

When giving feels better than getting thankfulness has made its way.

The greatest spiritual example I can think of is the crucifixion. God was selfless & gave the only son that he had. I could never do something as extreme as that, but I can be selfless and willing. I can focus on giving and not getting. Gratitude is GIVING thanks not GETTING thanks!

My name is McKenna. Hi. I like writing, reading, shopping, listening to music and dancing badly. I am a high school student that works a part time job after school being a camp counselor. I am passionate about Jesus and the joy that doing life with Him brings.


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