I wonder if it could ever get old to hear the words “I love you”? My husband tells me a zillion times a day. I never tire of it!

My grandmother told me recently that my grandfather only told her one time in their almost 67 years of marriage. He would say it back, but he only said it once to her. It made me both sad and glad at the same time. Sad because as a woman, we cling to those words especially, but glad that it abided in Mema’s heart – she didn’t question it. 

Love to its very core is so powerful. It overwhelms me to really think what love means to me. It is, through Jesus, what saved me. It drives me to share it with others. It is the. most. simple thing in my life, but also the thing that wrecks me. I love words- spoken or written- but I wonder what an impact we would make this week, this month, this year and way beyond, if we look those in our life in the face and SAID it…not writing it, not texting it, not assuming they know. It may be harder than you think.

 What drives you to not say it? Fear? Jealousy? You’d have to be vulnerable? Oh that tonight I wish I could look you in the face and tell you “I LOVE YOU”! I want so much that you could hear me say it. Saying it grows our marriages, flourishes our friendships, empowers our children and is the sound of Jesus to those who hear it. One thing I always know for sure is when all is said and done #lovecan


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