I Remembered the Little Girl

It’s Friday and TGIF holds the weight of a Life in its hands today.  We remember. We feel a little deeper today. We can’t go through the day, child of God, and forget the sacrifice.  To think about the pain is never where we want to camp out.  The beating, the blood, the jeers from the crowd, the thorns in His head…we cannot even comprehend. The hurt we have felt in our lifetime will never compare to the depth of what Jesus endured for us.

Today, I remember the little girl.  Her everyday was always laced with stories of Jesus, her bedtime prayers to the One who gave His life, her parents committed to using their lives that all would know.  But, did she know? Really know and understand? She listened, even asked questions, did what every girl raised by Christ-following parents does and went to church every Sunday and still did she really get it?  In the quiet of a day in the summer, in the comfort of a Sunday school room, in the presence of a teacher that taught “God is love” in her words and in the way she lived, the little girl remembered.  Though not physically present on that day He gave “His only begotten son,” and no witness to the pain inflicted to His precious body, she remembered.  The pain, though not her own, became real to her that day.  The hope that Sunday brought when the disciples and the women saw firsthand He was in pain no more, but had risen just as He said – that hope had taken hold of that little girl.  If she had been the only one, He would have still paid the price.  A gift that didn’t look like a normal neatly wrapped, pretty bow topped present, had never been more beautiful to that little girl that day.  So, she tapped her teacher on the shoulder and told her she was ready to take that gift as her own, so her sweet teacher knelt down beside her and led her to pray the most important prayer she’d ever pray.  It wasn’t the prayer that saved her that day, but the settling of a Savior in her heart.  The dead parts of her, even as a seven year old, those places became new.  Hallelujah, what a Savior!

Today, I, the little girl, remember.  “They all said, ‘Let him be crucified!”(Matthew 27:22)  I said the same, though not with my words, the sin of my heart spoke them loud and clear. I’m so grateful that it didn’t end there, because Sunday is coming! Hope is on the horizon, and the little girl will remember again.  That hope became her own and NOTHING has ever compared to it!

That you may remember today, “Truly this was the Son of God!” (Matthew 27:54). If it had only been you, He would have still sacrificed it ALL! TGIF in all of its darkness over 2000 years ago became a Friday that would forever change my life.  I pray it changes yours!


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