You Give Love a Bad Name

During high school I had a very unordinary experience when it came to dating. The boarding school I attended required we secure chaperones for our dates. Want to just go out for pizza and bowling? Then you’d be taking a chaperone with you.  Want to go out for ice cream? Yep. Get a chaperone.  I found that having chaperoned dates was a lot better than it sounds.  I actually formed relationships with our chaperones that I enjoy to this day.  Their investment in my life is priceless!

When I headed to college, dating became more “all over the place” for me.  I wanted to take what I’d learned from dating in high school and trust that I’d make good decisions without a chaperone.  I wanted to have boundaries, choose who I dated wisely and build a relationship on my relationship with God.  Going in with a plan is never bad.  Sticking to a plan is better. While I look back and can say my dating experience wasn’t horrible, there was a time when it was defined by “settling”. I settled for dating guys that did not put God first, putting myself in compromising situations and dating just to feel accepted. As God began to put perspective for me in regards to my choices, I made a decision to put Him back in the center of my decision making, and shortly thereafter I met the man who is my now husband.

Finding love – a true love – is easier said than done these days.  Even in our friendships, we settle for just finding acceptance, focus on who likes us and who doesn’t like us, fitting in and often cast God to the side if it means we’ll just be happy.  We believe God is love, but if God isn’t moving on our time table, we often take matters in our own hands saying, “Doesn’t God just want me to be happy?” I’ve sacrificed doing things God’s way more times than I can count.  I have taken the control reigns and manipulated people into liking me, sought out relationships where God was not the center with the hope that “I’ll change them” or “They will come around and change eventually”.

What are we sacrificing when we move God to the side of our relationships? The intimacy we find in God as He’s leading us to intimacy we seek with another is the most beautiful part of a love relationship.  Seeing God move, hearing Him speak and watching Him answer our prayers is always worth doing things His way.  Can you believe He has your best interests at heart? Absolutely.  He is always for you! When our flesh says, “Put God to the side. He just wants me to by happy” God says, “Walk with me toward your happiness.” What are you turning a blind eye to in order to ensure you are happy? In order to get God’s best, we must BE God’s best…Be the person you are looking for!  Ladies, do we want a man that pursues passionately after God? Then be the woman that pursues passionately after God! Do we want a man that puts God first? Then be a woman that puts God first! See where I’m going with this? We’ve given love a bad wrap. Love straight from the hand of God is the best kind of love! It’s worth the journey to see it happen. Are there relationships you are in that you need to re-evaluate? Ask God to show you His way. If your marriage is hurting, maybe it’s time to move God back to the center.  Are you dating someone that you know is not God’s best for you? YOU be God’s best to find God’s best!


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