New 1-minute encouragment:
The pull is so real. I listen and I believe. It distracts me. It is loud and drowns out everything. It even makes me physically sick. Yet, I do it anyway. I allow myself to be pulled. I believe it’s the truth. I am swayed by it. Assumption is a real and dangerous game we play. Assumption tells us no one cares. It tells us we are not wanted. It tells us to stop dreaming, to stop believing in what we know is true, and opt for that which is “maybe” true. We lose days over what assuming does to us. Assumption only introduces us to its cousin, “Worry”. The two together are vicious. We know it’s not good for us, but we find ourselves there time and time again. If I’m being real, I am prone to want to live there everyday. I want to “go” there. I want to believe all of those lies Satan tries to throw at me, and where I end up is living very defeated. To the world looking on, I don’t live like anyone who knows victory. I don’t like it there. I don’t aim to live there. So, living in the “real reel” times of my life, I know those days will come, and I know what it will do to me, so I have to arm myself with Truth. I have to see me as God sees me. I have to begin again, reload and aim straight…straight to the simple. I do what He’s calling me to do. I live the life He’s laid out before me and I rest there. It’s hard. I feel alone sometimes in it, especially when the living out part means leading other people well. When some don’t want to be led, I assume I’ve failed. When those I want to befriend seem to not want to be friends, I want to stop trying. I believe with all my heart everybody has a name and every name is important, but boy can I assume “they” don’t feel the same about me! VICIOUS. CYCLE. Let’s camp out in what we know today. Dwell in “Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life?” (Luke 12:25) Say “NO” to assuming and “YES” to the Truth you can only find in Him!


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