Doing Away With Me

My thoughts and feelings have overtaken me much of my life. By overtaken, I mean they’ve been a root cause of me feeling unaccepted, unwanted and not good enough. I look over years of being ruled by this and see a lot of situations I “thought” were real, simply were not. I allowed myself to be ruled by what I assumed to be true, rather than what was true.

A time comes when living in this sick cycle gets old and you just get sick of yourself. Change happened in my life when I died to myself (NOT easy and forever ongoing), stopped blaming what I perceived others caused in my life, and took ownership that half of my problems were ME! For me, it’s not enough to finally get something turned around. I’ve got to act on it for it to stick!

The single greatest thing in my life that took the me out of ME was being FOR others. Being intentional to love, to believe in and to even trust others – the things I craved in my own life – began to show me that God had been using my life all along, but I believed the lies of the enemy more than the voice of the Father. When I feel days that I don’t make a difference, being others focused is where I have to place my efforts and away from me. I struggle, even still that many may not let me in, may not let the words I know the Father speaks over me fall on them…”You are loved. You are welcome. You are known. You are enough.” It makes me want to shut up completely sometimes when I’m held at arm’s lengths distance. God only asks us to obey and love the unlovely, to be for the downtrodden, to speak life even when we stand alone, and to never give up on anyone. I don’t know who this is for. Maybe it’s my own little reminder to myself. But for you who need a voice to remind you that God loves you completely just for being YOU, let His voice be the loudest one you hear today.


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