Our aim so often in life is to be extraordinary. Who wouldn’t want to be known for their talents, their giftedness? We all want to make a difference, right? But what if we’ve reckoned in our minds that there are those just born with the natural ability to succeed at their talent, so our want-to keeps us from discovering our what-if. What if I could be really good at those things for which I am passionate? What if I touched lives through my giftedness? What if I worked really hard, would I be extraordinary? Does how I live in the in-between matter? Do those seemingly insignificant decisions I make in my day to day amount to to anything of worth? Will what I choose to do and be today in the moments no one is looking make me a leader? “It’s the littles” really does amount to the BIG stuff! Do I explode when my child asks me for the millionth time to play outside in the rain? Do I lash out at the snarky comment made to me, about me, by my enemy? Do I allow jealousy of others keep me from a genuine love? Does any of it really matter? It’s a “practice makes perfect” devotion to achieve anything of worth. When my sights are set on being God’s woman and expanding my area of influence that many may hear and know how GOOD He is, then unequivocally YES to living extraordinarily in the in-between so I can be extraordinary in the day when so much more is at stake! I read this week, “Leadership is not about standing in front of people.” Oh how true. For when the time comes that we do stand before an audience of men, it’s BECAUSE we lived with character and integrity in the in between that they will listen and really hear. Those little decisions you make to walk wisely when no one sees…the ones you feel don’t matter…take heart, my friend, He sees! He watches you and His heart is proud of you, because He knows He can’t wait to use you because you ARE worth it, and you can do it! Let not your heart be troubled in the in-between because your destination is just ahead – and it’s EXTRAORDINARY!


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