Iron Sharpens Iron

Probably one of the most difficult things to navigate in life is relationships. I remember times in my life where I’ve been left feeling very confused and hurt, unsure of what I said or did to lose a relationship, or finding myself in a place of tension in a relationship. I’ve also been the one doing the hurting in the relationship. In my seasons of pain, I’ve taken it out on those closest to me. I’ve also sought for relationship in all the wrong places. I’ve compromised myvalues for an ideal friendship, and changed who I am to be accepted.

Maybe it’s the older I get, or maybe I have just reached my limit of “I’m over it,”, but I find myself longing for relationships that are more unafraid of saying the tough stuff, of loving me and my junk, of hurting one another, but knowing how to forgive and move on. I find myself embracing the notion that loving well isn’t just the fun, only the good, positive stuff. It’s the “I’m willing to tough love you” stuff that makes ME better! That sometimes means we are surrounded by few, rather than many. That’s OK!

Who is speaking into your life in ways that matter? It may hurt to answer that because it may mean that it’s time to make some changes. Is your offering forgiveness and accepting forgives factor rusty, or are you regularly using it, and MEANING it? Inauthentic forgiveness is not forgiveness. If you have wronged in your relationships, maybe it’s time to expose that and give that relationship the greatest gift you can give. The cliche “Life is too short” fits so many things in our life, but at the top of that list we’ll find our relationships are too important not to do whatever it takes to make them healthy. I love a fresh start, a new year. To me it cheerleads a second chance, and we all deserve one. Make your friendships count!
“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17


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