Life Hurts

Over the past few weeks I’ve had to watch my daughters face various disappointments. Their hearts were broken and all I felt I could do was tell them I loved them and watch them hurt. It really stinks watching your kids walk through times of disappointment. Whether it be from knowing they have worked so hard to achieve success, to facing feelings of betrayal, I’d rather take all of that on me than to watch them face it. I want to tell them, “Stick it out. You just get through this and you won’t face hurt as an adult.”
That would be a lie, though. Life hurts. Life is hard. Anytime you throw the pursuit of a goal, throw other people in the mix, find yourself in a relationship, you will most assuredly face hard times. Why? Life is messy! Feelings of failure creep in and we want to give up! Feelings of being let down present and we want to lock ourselves away from anyone that would hurt us (Warning: I’ve tried this, and eventually I got sick of MYSELF!). It’s easy to stop trying to LIVE in order to protect ourselves from disappointment.

As Christ-followers, we’ve been given the abundant life, but look around long enough, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone that demonstrates that every single day. Why? Life is messy, but we have this hope…”And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Helper, to be with you forever…”(John 14:16 ESV) We’ve been given the Holy Spirit to guide us. My daughters have been given the Holy Spirit to guide them.
You, Christ-follower have been given the Holy Spirit! It’s amazing that God has not left us alone, nor will He allow us to stay the same. He uses our times of heartbreak to make us more like Him. It’s in those moment’s of complete brokenness that I have seen Him like no other time. He IS my “strength and portion forever.”(Psalm 73:26) That’s what I’m reminding myself of today. Not just for my girls, but for the disappointments that loom in my life today. Feeling let down today? Hold tight to the truth that you are NOT alone. Sink yourself into the Truth of His word today, the one constant we will always have access to finding our strength.


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