Messy Love

Post after post everything always looks so good through the screen of social media. Seems like everyone is eating yummier meals, going to more fun places than me, living problem free. I see all of the good stuff. I don’t relate to all of that stuff all the time. Sometime life hurts. Sometimes we’re sick and in pain. Sometimes we don’t feel like we even love God very much, but we show only the good stuff…the “I’ve got my act together” stuff.
It’s been in my darkest places I‘ve seen God the most. In those in between times of “I can’t take this anymore” and “I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel” that I’ve seen Him the most clearly. That’s when I’ve been most sure He sees me, because I have looked for Him and found Him.
I don’t know which of you are searching today, just wishing you could be seen. More than knowing I see you, that I WANT to see you, He sees you. He hears you. You are KNOWN by Him. The better life isn’t always what it seems. Sometimes we will discover we’ve planted our better right over the septic tank. Real life isn’t hiding within the glow of the screen. It’s more than you saying you love me, because when I see you and you don’t show me you love me, I don’t believe you at all. Show you love even when it’s not convenient for you. Love even when it’s messy. Be there for each other even when it hurts.


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