The Good No

Some of the best advice I received years ago was to never feel like I need to explain, or justify, why I must say no. For the sake of my family, a prior appointment, the need for a night of nothing to do, I can freely say “No” because I first weighed whether or not it would be my right “Yes”. We may feel it’s disrespectful, a letdown or rude to say no, but when it’s said in a way that is for people, say it. A good no can be said when others are making plans on your behalf and need your ‘no’ to continue, when there’s really a better person more well suited for a job, when it’s not the best timing, and most importantly just because God says it’s not the best yes you could give. We can say “No” and still go on in freedom that it was the best decision we could make. Are you stuck in the cycle of saying “Yes” just to avoid saying no? Are you never saying “no” at all and leaving others in limbo? My Mama always said “Your no can be someone else’s yes!” Empower someone today and stop delaying a no so that someone else can say yes!


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