The Risk of Not Loving

In the midst of reading a LOT of heated comments yesterday, my husband said to me, “This is the time we can be thankful we don’t talk politics and we aren’t politicians and just get to continue to LOVE people.”

I fret a lot because leading is lonely sometimes. Often, even friends don’t get where I’m coming from, especially when it involves tough love. Making right decisions for the Kingdom is hard. Loving difficult people is hard. Not loving at all – HARDER! The pressure to change who I am is so tempting sometimes…to not feel deeply, to care deeply, to get overly passionate, even…but I have to set my sights on the bigger picture…

I want to love big. Don’t you? I want to be able to screw up, and see people still loving me, and I want to love them the same. Our world is filled everyday with the opportunity to love. Sometimes the opportunities are lit up like a NEON sign. Other times, the opportunities are so small, we almost pass them by. Take time to be intentional to look. My husband’s words from yesterday are true everyday. “…we just get to continue to LOVE people.” In times like we’ve been facing the last week, our emotions can take over. I love the words of Bob Goff from his book, “Love Does,” “It will be our love, not our opinions, that will be our greatest contribution to the world.” Everyday, we GET to LOVE!


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