Whatever It Takes

About 17 years ago Jeff and I sat in the floor of the parsonage we lived in at the first church we served, and we were talking about our family goals. We had one baby girl and I was pregnant with our 2nd. What kind of life did we want to live out personally? For our family? For our ministry? For us, it all would come back to the Gospel. For us personally, as a family and in our ministry the Gospel had wrecked us because it changed our “me”and “us” to a completely wanting to be surrendered to Him! We talked about just knowing that wasn’t enough! We had to be willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES for the Gospel to transform us as individuals and for it to drive everything we were and did in our ministry. From the point on, WHATEVER IT TAKES has been our family motto. Not gonna lie…sometimes I have felt we’ve bit off more than we can chew with those words. At the toughest of life’s crossroads we’ve been challenged to the core to go the easy way, to not stand up for Christ, or to go the more popular route. In my personal life I’ve been challenged to please people just so they’d like me or follow me, sacrificing living the way Jesus lived for my own comfort and acceptance by others. In my current season I’m learning that loving well and leading well are often characterized by tough love. Jesus Himself spoke boldly of the Gospel even when not popular. He loved the most difficult and led those in his ministry that would ultimately betray Him. Why? All for the Gospel! The Gospel is love lived out because it is the HOPE we could have never gained on our own. It is the ultimate gift of one who gave His life for us. THAT is why I want to live life doing WHATEVER IT TAKES that all may know, that all who know may grow in that love and that at the end of life’s journey for me He will say,”Well done!” Friend, do not grow weary in doing whatever it takes, but find that it is real living when you do!


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