What’s in a Name

Often that which we most want for others is the very thing we struggle with for ourselves. I want those in my life to be their truest selves, to see how I see them…even better, how GOD sees them…to live life with such confidence in who God has created them to be – to be authentic. Yet, so many days, I struggle to see that in me.

I love learning the meanings of a person’s name. My oldest daughter’s name has a meaning with a Masaai root of “BUBBLING WITH JOY”. I love it because while her personality is more subdued, her constant in life is that she live her days with joy. It suits her.

My own name means “BELOVED”. I’ve always loved the meaning because I’m a sap! Anything about love, well, I love it! It is that thing that I love most about my name, but struggle the most about who I am. So many days of my life have been spent in insecurity. I’ve believed lies that if I mess up, God is just out to punish me. I’ve lived an unhealthy fear of Him, and in turn missed some of the better days I could have spent with Him. Not to sound like a drama queen, but choosing to believe the lie that I am less than has often limited me living my full potential. While this has characterized many years of my life, I’ve refused to let it define the rest of my life. For me, it’s been not just saying I believe He says who I am, but simply just BELIEVING He says who I am and living THAT! While my parents gave me this earthly name that means “BELOVED,” it is a name that could fit any one of us. It is totally how HE sees each and every one of us. Jesus called John “BELOVED ONE” and John put his head on the chest of Jesus and RESTED there because of the deep love. That is where I want to live, don’t you? I want to rest in what HE says about me and not what I think the world is saying, BECAUSE I love Him like He loves me!
His word is filled with just how He feels about us. In it I never have to wonder. It’s there I will always see that He calls me BELOVED!


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