Which Way

Allow me to share something a little personal with you. In my home, I tend to be the one with the stinkiest attitude. It’s embarrassing to admit that…especially because I haven’t always been that way. Over time I’ve allowed insecurity, hurt and selfishness to breed ground in my life and I’ve developed some bad habits. It requires a lot of intentionality on my part to actually stop, think about my response to a situation and respond appropriately. It’s important enough to me to get this right because my attitude in the home can set my attitude in my day for the workplace, my interactions with people, in my personal ministry, my marriage, and a host of other encounters I have in my day. Why is it so important to set a good attitude to root in our lives as a Christ Follower? 1 Corinthians 12:19-24 talks about our importance in The Body of Christ. When we set our thinking on “He/She has such a better role than I have. Why can’t I lead that group? Why can’t I be in charge? Why didn’t I get to sing, speak, teach, etc.?” we diminish the importance of any work God wants to, and can, accomplish within us. If we imagine ourselves as a puzzle piece necessary to complete the bigger picture, we can see how vital our importance in the Body of Christ really is, and how a good attitude contributes to that. If we come in to church just to show up and check it off our list of “to do,” we are not contributing as a whole because a positive, outward focused attitude is so necessary to a worship environment. When we stop leading because we are not getting the recognition we think we deserve, we are the ones who lose because, in the end, God always finds a person with their “Yes” on the table no matter the task. Why is it so important to start with a positive attitude from the inside out? 1 Corinthians 12:27 says, “You are Christ’s body—that’s who you are! You must never forget this.” We set the tone for others seeing a true picture of God. When we live and believe in how He sees us, He is glorified! How can you change your attitude today knowing it has a kingdom effect in the lives of others? #mondayencouragement


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