Checked Out

Several years ago I determined that I was DONE! I no longer wanted any part of religion, church, circle of other believers…NONE of it. I vowed to never step foot back in a church. I had CHECKED OUT, so to speak. Everything I had envisioned God using me to do had been derailed, or so I thought. I was teaching, speaking, mentoring, leading and in a split second I felt it was gone. I wanted to blame it on others. Hadn’t they played major parts in diverting MY path? Weren’t they the cause of MY pain, of MY hopelessness? Was MY calling really dependent on them? Was what I was currently doing in ministry dependent on circumstances? While we want to blame situations for things changing in our lives, especially when it comes to God using us, in the end that’s not true. The beauty of the Gospel is always that God has equipped us with a way to share it. What may feel like a bad set of circumstances, inadequacy, lack of giftedness or confusion as to whether or not God can use us, can really be a good thing. For me, those things have been an opportunity to bring me back to reality that God doesn’t need me. He has chosen to use me despite myself. He allows me to be in that place of evaluating “Is ministry about me, or about the lost and lonely?” Truth is, MY preference is often to just be the one in the background. I don’t relish being front and center, but God has used these opportunities of placing me in front of people as step of faith for me to really believe He is who He says He is in my life. The hard situations have come for me when I’ve lost focus of that and made these opportunities about me. If you’ve known me for any period of time, you know that the scripture highlighted in the photo has been my lifeline in more ways than one. So, if you feel less than, like giving up today, having a loss of perspective, take those words to heart. He’s not done with you. He has a plan for you. He has a purpose for you. Just know that SELF has to take a backseat and HIS COMPLETION of you IS the plan. Ask Him today, “Lord, how do YOU want to accomplish your perfect work in me?” Friend, YOU have a ministry no matter who you are! Accomplishing it with HIM is always the key!


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