Seed Thrower

1- minute post: For the majority of my life, I fell for the lie that I had to have some “put you in the spotlight” talent or gift. I was always the kid that didn’t smile enough, couldn’t sing, didn’t make great grades in school, I quit the basketball team, was so painfully shy that I couldn’t form a sentence without breaking out in a sweat. I felt like I never measured up because I just didn’t get the recognition I thought I was “supposed” to get. Just being me didn’t seem to cut it. It wasn’t until I met my husband that I truly began to believe that I didn’t have to be all those things. He actually liked me just like I was – quiet, someone who identified more with growing up in another country than understanding how to live in North America, and pretty much was just an average person that needed to know that loving Jesus was just enough for him to love someone like me. I was just then, and really now, a simple person that believes that loving others like Jesus would is enough. To name how many times I’ve gotten off track from really believing that is too numerous to count.  Yesterday I was reminded of what an exceptional thing it is to be a seed thrower. Why? Because simply ANYONE can be one. Seed throwers can go unnoticed and still be seed throwers. They can be simple, everyday people, doing simple, everyday tasks. That was me yesterday. I was simply someone that got to pray over two ladies in our church that needed prayer and love. I got to be a friendly face that said, “Welcome” to a first time guest. I got to love on my girls by buying them a cup of coffee and laughing about how silly boys are. Hear me, my friend…When you cast the seed wrapped up in love, you ARE casting the good seed. If you follow Jesus, LOVE is the seed. It is the gospel.

Sweet, overtired Mama who feels like she has no ministry, you keep casting the seed of loving your babies well, training them up in Jesus and kissing their feverish foreheads when they are sick or when someone has broken their hearts. To the woman who works day in and day out in the office, you keep casting that seed to every person you speak to on the phone, who treats you less than in your job, to the one who you need to celebrate for their great success on that hard project. To you, dear senior adult, in a season of life that the world seems to treat you as if your “glory days” are over… you keep gathering with your friends for coffee or Bunco, or those you must visit in the hospital, or the funerals you suddenly find yourself attending more and more of, and you keep casting the good seed of showing those of us following in your footsteps how to love well through every, single season of life we’ll face. That is the gospel. 

Let’s not fall for the lie that only some are good seed casters. If Jesus has changed your life, you are a seed caster with the most important message to share – the Gospel. So today, if no one has said THANK YOU for just being you, I’m saying it. Thank you for being faithful. Thank you for changing lives. YOU are enough.


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