The Moment

It’s been probably three years. Words often penetrate my heart. They cut to the core of the painful places, yet often restore the same wounded nooks of my heart. I’m always listening, always looking for ones to which I can cling. Those three years ago, the words were “Present Over Perfect”. Ever have those moments when the words ring loudly, you know you need them, even when you don’t fully understand them? That day was the day of peace for me, words I’d been longing to hear, to just unload the burden off of my shoulders.

Today those words are part of the ‘intentional’ to me. The striving for, the hope-to-be of their promise sticks with me, and most times grounds me to truly live in the moment. Sometimes, though, the moment I’m striving to live is not the right moment at all. All of the good, the face to face living, the seizing of the day moments just might not be the right moment to be living ALL of the time. How can that which is good be bad? When the longing for more outweighs the greatest gift of all. When we walk into the room searching and cannot remember what for, maybe it’s staring us right in the face all along. Maybe it’s more of Him we seek, the More than Enough that is always a cry away.

open-handThe weight on me has been heavy lately, no sense to be made of it at all. Life is good, smiles are the norm, but the weight of living is suffocating. Wheels spinning, little progress made even in the best moments, chasing myself round and round. Some call it a ‘funk’. I call it stuck. The magnifying glass isn’t even helping me see. The present over perfect moments are the desire always. The right moments have become a tiny dot I cannot see. It is Him I seek. In the season of Advent, it really is more of Him I want…not the Him that is hidden within the lights, sounds and cheer of the season, but the raw, quiet moments when He whispers, “I am your Present.” Not the one adorned with a bow, but He is the Present that makes all perfect. Maybe the right moment is the moment found away from the crowd, gazing into the eyes of the babe in a tiny manger, the promise of hope in His crooked grin. I want my right moment to be a moment with Him. Don’t you? Release the breath you’ve been holding, the one that has suffocated you for so long. Let go of the relationship where no God hope can be found. Release your grasp on more stuff. Replace it with the MORE THAN ENOUGH!


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