IMG_0270If you heard me speak at my church recently, you heard me say that I found myself in a counselor’s office a couple of years ago. What led me there was basically being sick and tired of being sick and tired. I was at the end of myself and living pretty much in a constant state of anxiety. As I shared with the counselor how I was feeling, she said these words to me regarding different situations in my life…”Is it a crisis, or does it make you uncomfortable?” She directed me to these words as a tool to evaluate and gauge if what was going on in my life was really all major, life-altering obstacles to living my best life or really just pauses to overcome. Truth is, I’d allowed many, many petty things to become crises in my life.

I find living in crisis mode is almost “a thing” these days. Our permanent setting seems to be up in arms about literally everything and taking ten seconds to get a deep breath is nonexistent. Crisis most always mimics hopelessness. Crisis is generally ugly and hurtful. I’ve seen it everywhere I turn and obviously exemplified it as I sat in my counselor’s office that day. As I sat there sure of the woman I desired to be – one who chases hard after God, a motivator to others to do the same, a woman who encourages and knows where her answers are found – I realized I’d become a woman living in crisis mode instead of grasping hard onto the hope I’d been given. As God’s child, my hope is in Him, yet my living was caught up in my trials, failures and dependent on others to fulfill in me. His word says He is “an ever present help in trouble”. I had forgotten that. I had forgotten that 1 Corinthians 10:13 promised me that God was faithful to keep me from being tempted beyond my ability to walk through it. His promises were, and are, that He is always with me. In a world that seems to hinge its behavior on being against everything AND each other, my resolve to be deeply rooted in who He is – FOR me and ENOUGH- has to become my constant. Life feel like one crisis after another for you? Truth is, sometimes it actually is a crisis, but whether life has us uncomfortable or in crisis, know today hope can remain the same because HE IS THE SAME.


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