When You Have What It Takes To Help a Life

“He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. Great is our Lord, and abundant in power; his understanding is beyond measure.” Psalms 147:3,5
Sometimes life is so suffocating at every turn that we can barely actually live it at all. People hurting people with their hands…with their words. People hurting themselves. Up on the mountaintop one day. Way down in the valley the next. Hope found in the high moments, but all hope lost in the low ones. Approval found in the eyes and heart of another, but lost when they move on to someone else to approve of. Trust soars when every prayer we pray is answered, but deadfalls the second we don’t get the answer we were looking for.
Life is hard. Actually really LIVING it in every turn, in all the ebbs and the flows is even harder. How can we actually live when we struggle to even breathe? When all around us screams “Failure” and “Good for nothing” so loud that suddenly it has become our worth, how can we live when crushed?
Attacked on every side, mind and heart not spared, I believe the lies. They are louder than the voice of the One who spoke my greatest Truth before I was even born. Why believe the lies spewed at me instead? Isn’t He my fortress? My “very present help in times of trouble”? Haven’t I wrapped my arms around you, even, and told you He would be that for you? Why can I not believe it for me? Hurt breeds more hurt and only grows a bitter root when left unattended, when we try to tend to it with anything other than the truth.
The enemy is out for you! He’s out for me. “I will break your heart no matter what it takes” is his aim. He wants to render you without hope. He wants to destroy you and deafen you to the truth of the Truth-whisperer. His tactics are cunning and his message always a lie!
Yet, there IS a power that is without rival, stronger than any lie masked in false truth can ever possess! There IS One without measure, whose love knows no end. He is the Hope giver, the Defender of the broken, the Resident of a heart He will NEVER vacate.
Run to Him, broken one! Find a friend who is LIVING in the truth of who He is! No burden is too big that He cannot bear. No mistake you have made is too horrible for His redemption. There is no road you walk that He wouldn’t carry you all the way.
When we name the name of Christ, we take on the name of “Caregiver,” a life that lives out hope for the heart that is broken. Divisive we are NOT, yet it is we have become. No resemblance of a LIVING and ALIVE Christ can be found, so where would a broken soul go for comfort? Desperate they become, and desperate measures they take. They walk a road screaming danger, but no Samaritan was found to carry them along the way, so broken down on the side of the road they become, and finally the one who had the hope all along comes by…but it is too late.
Broken doesn’t always look like it’s broken. Sometimes a smile will disguise what is hurting inside. How would one know what one does not know? Ask. Listen. Show up when no one else will. Live everyday with heaven or hell on your mind. Love is the most powerful weapon we have against an enemy on the prowl. Love will heal lives we never even knew were wounded. Love will show action when words are never heard. Love will live like Jesus and live out victory…because that is who He is. Victory.
He won for us before we ever even LOST.
It is ours to live out. It is ours to use to be light for those who cannot see in the dark. It is The Church.
Church, be the place where hope is found for the lowliest of lowly. Be the place where LOVE is your banner. Be the place that is so known for what you for, rather than what you are against. When you are known by His love, no door could keep away lives running to find it! Get up everyday and put on your Church clothes. You are the Church everywhere you go, every, single day! It is YOU taking Him with you everywhere you go that is the door that is either open or closed to what could change a life forever! Bind up the heart that is broken so that the One who heals it altogether is truly seen!

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