You Are Seen

This is the third time I’ve written a daughter on her graduation day, but that doesn’t make it any less unique, because for one, I’ve allowed my own voice to be silent for quite awhile now. My words are best expressed in writing. It’s where I come alive, but I’ve buried my voice, and in many ways, buried my life. Secondly, only that which gives me life can help me once again find my voice, and the calling God put on my life to be a Mama might be the most challenging, but it has always been the most fulfilling because my girls give me life. You always have. So, writing this open letter to you today fills my heart as much as it did with your sisters. You each have shown me life in your own ways. You have made me a better mom. I’ve always felt pretty good at being a mom, but you each have taught me lessons that only you could teach me.

Your life began with making a statement from the beginning. A different pregnancy than the others, weighed the most, making you also the strongest, and you had a determination that, thinking back on it, set you apart from the get go. Your days were full of laughter, from me opening the door to your nursery seeing a huge smile everyday, to putting you down at night and looking down to see the very same. You always brightened up when anyone walked into a room. You’ve always innocently, and wholeheartedly loved people.

You’ve challenged me with your big, strong-willed way. You move through life full speed ahead, but that’s made you one who leads confidently with their life. People take notice of you. You carry yourself in a way that shows those around you that you don’t have to be like anyone else. You are simply you. You never waiver from that even when lessons are hard. You are always you. If there was anything I’d want you to take with you all life through is to never stop being just that! Life makes you feel unseen sometimes and like you’re a second choice, but you are seen by the One who matters most. You live for His glory. You let Him guide you regardless of who comes with you. He will lead you to right paths made just for you. Just keep following no matter what.

No matter where you go in life, continue to be uniquely you. Walk in the room with that smile. Leave it the same way. Love wholeheartedly. Speak life even when it may not be spoken back to you. Surround yourself with life-givers. Keep being one, too. Be confident that Jesus has made you to be exactly who He wants you to be, and who you will one day become. We love you. We believe in you. The calling to be your Mama is my favorite person to be because it gives me a front row seat to see it all, and I couldn’t be more proud. Happy Graduation Day, my Avery Wynne!


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