Meet my dear friend, Vanessa.  We attended the same college, yet never officially met until we were brought together by a group for women in ministry, Leading and Loving It.  God has blessed me with a friend in Vane who holds me accountable, with whom I can laugh, with whom I can be challenged and with whom I can cry. She is full of wisdom and completely genuine in how she lives her life! I know my dear friend will speak straight to your heart because she is the real deal!

Our Blessing


This is the season to give thanks. Many will take time to do this publicly throughout the month; expressing gratitude and thanksgiving for anything and everything on social media. They are thankful for their amazing spouse, their beautiful kids, their picture perfect house, dream job, friendships, pets, vacations, the list goes on and on. These are great things to be thankful for, and if they are part of your life, you should be thankful for these things! For some of us, though, life isn’t looking quite so wonderful and picture perfect this season. You may find yourself scrolling through these thankful posts rolling your eyes annoyed that your life doesn’t look like this, or maybe you have tears streaming down your cheeks wondering how your life got to where it is today. Simply said, and in all honesty, it’s hard to think of something to be thankful for these days. You may have recently experienced a loss, a heartbreak, a dream derailed, an overwhelming circumstance, a devastating diagnosis … fear, sadness, insecurity, devastation, anger; so many emotions are creeping in and you are left in a dark place wondering what in the world there is to be thankful for.


We see the lives of those around us, all those blessings! We want that too. Don’t we deserve blessings as well?


Here’s the thing though … no matter the circumstances, through all things and in all things, as a child of God, you are blessed. As difficult as your circumstance is, as dark as your days may be, as uncertain as your future looks, there is blessing in it all. And, friend, the blessing is Jesus. Look to him, cling to him, hold on tight and don’t let go.


Jesus … our blessing. He is enough, everything else is extra that, when it’s all said and done, we don’t get to take with us. But, Jesus, he remains. He is all we need.


Thank him each day for the blessing of Him in you …


His strength when you feel like you can’t go on

His power made perfect in your weakness

His comfort in the most uncomfortable of situations

His peace that surpases all understanding

His grace that covers every single one of our sins

His love that washes over us

His gentleness that envelops us

His tender mercy that guides us

His goodness that never gives up on us

His faithfulness that never lets us go

His sovereignty that knows what is best for us


Allow this season to show you just how incredibly amazing our Jesus is. Stand firm and experience Him like never before. And don’t forget to give thanks each day for the blessing of Jesus in you.

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Vanessa is a child of God, a wife of 16 years to Michael and a mom to four amazing kids! She has the joy of being a stay at home mom, loves women and encouraging them in their journey. Life is messy, no one is perfect and her desire is that we connect, celebrate and encourage each other well!